Deprived Pensioners Association

The Pension Protection Fund: was set up to make payments to people whose company pensions schemes have gone bust. While the payments made to younger PPF members benefit from indexation (extra money to take account of inflation), there are 60,000+ people aged over 80 who get NO INDEXATION, with an additional 80,000 who have decreasing indexation and a further 120,000 FAS members in the same situation. This is age discrimination against our oldest pensioners.

We, a small group of these people, have set up the DPA to fight for changes in the law to put an end to this discrimination and give equal treatment to all PPF members in respect of indexation.

This injustice arises from a strange rule that pensions earned before 1997 would have no entitlement to indexation. We are working towards a legal challenge to get rid of this rule. This is not a trivial matter, particularly with indexation having risen so high.

There are 60,000 PPF members without ANY indexation

We must work together to right this wrong.

We are all suffering from the pre-1997 rule.

Working together, we will challenge the law.

Together, we win fairness and better pensions!

In addition to 60,000 PPF members with zero indexation, there are a further 80,000 with only partial indexation. And over 120,000 FAS members in a similar situation. We are fighting for them all.

Broken - the Secretary of State’s commitment to Parliament that promises in company pension schemes would be honoured.

Broken - the link between costs and income which had been conferred by indexation in those schemes.

Broken - the trust of members in the PPF which is not assisting us to right this wrong, but opposing our efforts.


There is compelling evidence that the ministers and MPs who voted this into law were not aware of the inclusion in the 2004 Act of the words which have led to this discrimination.

Pension Protection Fund

The issue has been raised with PPF at the highest level. They have refused to accept there is age discrimination - despite the issue being picked up in the press by the Financial Times, among others.

Dept for Work and Pensions

Representations have been made to the Department for Work and Pensions, so far without success. The DWP doesn't want to accept responsibility.

We are working to bring an action for Judicial Review to get the law changed. 

For this, we want to raise as much as £75, 000

There will, however, be many intermediate steps before we get that far. We need to apply for leave for a Judicial Review. We need to work on the politics of the case. (The best outcome will be if the Government recognise the need for change before legal proceedings are fully under way.) To set this whole process in motion, we are close to our current target  of £40,000. We expect to raise this to £60,000.  

Financial Assistance Scheme

The FAS caters for people whose company pensions failed before the Pension Protection Fund had come into being. It was a relationship directly with the Dept for Work and Pensions. Some years later, however, the PPF were appointed to administer this scheme.

The FAS scheme displays a range of injustices which do not apply to PPF members but there is a key factor in common. The pre-1997 rule on indexation is being applied to them too. We are therefore joining FAS with us in this campaign.  They too have been betrayed by broken promises and fractured trust.  If you had service before 1997, you should go to this link.

How can you help?

Support the campaign

We hope you will want to make a donation. Please read about our campaign and why you would want to donate generously.

We are fund raising with CrowdJustice which is  specially tailored for legal action. This means we don't handle the money, it goes to our legal team at Edwin Coe LLP.  

Spread the word

Talk to family members, friends and associates, direct them to this site – and ask them to reach out to their friends. 

Simply ask: Are you with the Pension Protected Fund or the Financial Assistance Scheme? If they are, direct them to this website to learn about our demand for indexation.

Follow and Share our cause across social media. To raise this money, people have to know that we exist. You really can help.

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